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Ah, To Be 13 Again. No Thank You!

I guess my 13 yr. old daughter feels there's not enough drama in her real life so she needs to make our interactions appear like they've come from a soap opera to feel she's really living the teen life style.

I bite my lip trying not to laugh at her comebacks to my requests.  I can't believe how many times I've heard, "You just don't understand!", "How can life be so unfair!" and "You'll never know how this feels" - all this from the request of 'Will you empty the dishwasher?'.

Is there a camera in our house?  Is she auditioning for the latest lame reality show and forgot to tell us?   (Latest mantra - I will keep my sense of humor, I will keep my sense of humor. )

The fact that her responses make me think we're going to end up on The Soup make keeping a straight face very difficult.  Thank you Joel McHale and bless you.

This is just the beginning.  I thought when I heard others talk of this age that it wouldn't be this, well, weird.  But it just kind of starts like a ripple then the waves get bigger and bigger. 

I hope I can find a lifeboat - soon!

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