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"U" Make Me Laugh

When feminine product commercials come on I usually tune out. I've had my fill of being shown that I should be wearing gauzy gowns and strolling through a flower filled meadow.

I remember my teen years, watching T.V. with a boyfriend and a tampon commercial would flash on the screen. I would try to act like I wasn't embarrassed, it is a part of life after all, but honestly I was mortified. I just don't want to think about. Especially when I'm with a guy!

Well, years have past and I'm no longer embarrassed. Just annoyed. But let me tell ya', the latest ad campaign by Kotex for the "U" line has me laughing. Have you seen one yet?

And you won't believe what Kotex can get away with for their commercials in Australia!

Gee... no subtlety there ;->