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A Funny Thing Happened at AT&T

Upon entering the AT&T store I felt something was up. The one person working looked a little stressed while sitting at his desk.

He gave the usual “Hello. Let me know if I can help you” greeting and I told him that my phone wasn’t working. As we get into more detail about the problem the business phone rings. When he picks up the receiver that stressed look comes back. He does his best to get off the phone but it seems difficult for him to hang up. I was getting annoyed.

Once he hangs up he hands me my phone and says “There you go. It was the SIM card. It’s all fixed.” Yeah. Great. OK then, out the door I go when my cell rings and I can’t clearly hear the person on the other end. Thank goodness my oldest child had done something wrong so the school could call and tell me about it. (Yes, I’m sure this will be the only time I will say that.)

When I turned to the AT&T person to say that the phone wasn’t fixed his company phone rings again… he tries to get off the phone again… it’s difficult for him to hang up… again.

It’s at this point I realize this is a personal issue and it’s really stressing him out, and since I don’t have time for this I say ‘Why don’t you just hang up?’ He looked like he was grateful for the idea and hangs up. The phone rings again. Now is when this poor guy tells me his soon-to-be ex-wife is crazy and he apologizes. Oh, OK.

What I think is really odd is that we are in an AT&T store and their business phone doesn’t have Caller ID. So every time the phone rings he has to answer it, even though we both know it’s his ex. So here we go again, he answers, he tries to reason with her to stop calling his place of work and he hangs up. *ring*ring*.

Finally I say ‘Hand me the phone’. He’s so frazzled he doesn’t know what to do. He hands me the phone and when I say ‘Hello’ a woman starts screaming “F..k You! F..k You!”. Um… yikes. She then says “Who's this?” I say ‘I’m a customer who’s trying to get my phone fixed and you’re annoying me so stop calling!’ I get to hear her say those lovely swear words again then she screams “He had an affair! So F..k You!” my oh my.

He’s so embarrassed. I’m slightly amused. He says that she’s lying. I tell him I don’t care and to fix my phone while I keep her on the line. (Wow! Is this woman pissed! She’s blending cuss words together like I’ve never heard. Impressive.)

He hands me my phone and says it’s broken. I hand him his angry soon-to-be ex-wife.

Gee, what an afternoon. You never know what’s going to happen when you walk out the door or, when you enter another.

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