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New Addiction

So I've discovered we have the Style Network on our cable. How long has this been here? Why didn't I know this?!? It's probably best that I didn't know because now I find myself spending too much time watching T.V. Namely, the Style Network.

"Clean House" with Niecy Nash. Oh-my-gawd! Love this show!!! I truly believe that this show should include a therapist who specializes in Hoarders. These homes are messed up. This isn't a simple "Oh, I don't like to clean." This is "I'm emotionally disturbed and I need help."

Something else that goes through my mind; is this real? Can there be so-o-o-o many people who live in piles of clothes, papers, dishes, well... crap?! I mean, every-single-house they show starts out looking the same way. An explosion of stuff all-l-l-l over every single room of a home. It's just crazy. Could there be a "Clean House" Clutter Designer and all of these people are just actors? And the Design team is really just pushing their own name brand of home decor/home organizing systems conveniently available at Lowe's? (I'm just guessing.)

Well, if this is just a put on don't tell me. I'm mesmerized and I don't want to be disillusioned.

A benefit of this show for my home is that, while I'm talking to the people who live in this mess of a home (I know they can't hear me, don't you worry. You do it too!), I start looking around at items on my shelves and my stack of papers and start picking them up and tossing them out or putting them in the Goodwill pile. As much as I love Niecy Nash I don't want her yelling in my face about the crap surrounding me.

Oh! What's this pile of coupons doing in this drawer? They're all out dated?! I wonder what else I have around here? If you don't hear from me for a while send the "Clean House" search party.

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