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Trying Hard Not To Name Name's

I don't enjoy being in the stands, or anywhere near other parents, during a child's sporting event. Most people are so competitive that they lose their sense of right and wrong and become the biggest JERKS!!! (To put it so-o-o-o politely.)

I feel I can support both teams. I want the kids to have a good time. Of course I would like it if my child's team won, but if the game is well played by both sides, good sportsmanship, talent being discovered, kids laughing and having fun, then I don't care who wins.

My oldest is in 6th grade and decided to join her grades volleyball team (a little bribery with chocolate helped ;-> ). The volleyball season went pretty well. Her team got better with every game and she looked forward to Saturdays - not the 9:00am games though, we all still had to get up early. Well the season ended with a tournament last Saturday. And, unfortunately, it ended on the worst note possible. And that is all thanks to the 6th grade volleyball team from Glencoe Elementary in Portland, OR.

The children from Glencoe Elementary 6th grade volleyball team swore at the kids on our team during the game and flipped them off. The 6th grade volleyball coach from Glencoe Elementary was verbally abusive to his team AND to ours. It was out of control.

I will be researching the rules and regulations of Portland Parks and Recreation to see what can be done to prevent this from happening again. I will be contacting the Principal of Glencoe Elementary to see what she has to say for their schools representation.

I’m proud of our team; they did the best they could. I’m proud of our parents; they held it together as best they could. The team should look back on the season knowing they proved themselves worthy of being in the tournament and proud for pushing through when faced with such hostility. Great job Astor Eagles!

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