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Dear Trevor From Brain Rush, Thank You

As we move along through the heavy transition our friends are experiencing, we are doing what we can to make some things a little lighter.

Luckily the sun is shining. That feels good. There are LOTS of Otter Pops in the freezer (always a hit.) And silly cartoons distract from reality. One new show on Cartoon Network caught my attention and I just had to share this with you. (We could all use a laugh, right?)

Cartoon Network has a game show called Brain Rush. This show takes unsuspecting guests at Knotts Berry Farm and asks them if they would like to answer trivia questions while riding the crazy, wild, outrageous rides. Now, the participants are already going on the ride so they aren't being tricked. They earn money for every correct answer and, have the potential to make $5000. For that amount of money damn my dizzyness! Let's do it!

The following clip is Trevor. He voluntarily went on the first ride, did well enough on that round, and has moved on to the next round, The Silver Bullet. He said that rides frighten him but, he's willing to face his fear and ride this sucker. What you are going to see is a one-shot on Trevor. (The program shows both participant and host along with the correct answer along the bottom of the screen.) The host is sitting next to him. The host has read a story and is going to ask questions about the story. On we go...

Unfortunately what you don't see is the host laughing so hard he's wiping away tears. My girls, our sweet friend and I laughed so hard we were crying too.

I know we probably shouldn't laugh. But we really needed this. Thank you dear Trevor. ((hug))

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