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Virtual GNO - And A Giveaway!

Hey! How's it goin'? It's Friday and I'm oh-so-glad. My girls had appointments at the dentist yesterday and I think I was dreading it more than they were. I had bad experiences when I was young and I should just let go, but the sound of that drill?!? Yikes! I believe we all deserve a little fun. How about some blog-hopping fun? :-> And, because we are so darn lucky, a Giveaway from our beautiful friend Robin at Cinnamon and Honey!

This is our Virtual Girls Night Out (boys welcome too). Our social party without having to get out of our footie p.j.'s. We're here to blog-hop and play. The Virtual GNO is your chance to hang out with blog friends and hopefully make some new friends as well! So sign Mr. Linky below and join in the fun!

Time For Music!

Did you know that Sunday is International Women's Day? Yeah for us! I found a song that helps to celebrate us all. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Oren Lavie "Her Morning Elegance"
(That stop-motion can be a bit much. But it's still so cool! It's my new favorite :-> )

Time For A Cocktail!

Hey, daylight savings time begins Sunday. Woot! Woot! I love having more daylight but I don't like losing an hour of sleep. (I just love sleeping. And naps. I miss them both. Maybe when the girls move out. :-> ) I'm in the mood for something that makes me hopeful for warm weather.

Absolut Summertime Recipe

1 1/2 oz Citrus Vodka
1/2 oz Sprite
1 slice Lemon
3 oz Soda Water
3/4 oz Sweet and Sour Mix

Add all ingredients except lemon to shaker filled with ice. Cover and shake vigorously. Strain contents into ice filled collins glass. Garnish with lemon.
(You can easily make this non-alcoholic and it would still be fun)

Time For A Party Game!

Since this is Women's History Month : "Woman - In One Word"

If your first name begins with the letter A - E describe women in one word beginning with the letter W. Since I'm Ann I will proudly shout "WONDERFUL!" Follow the chart to see which letter you will use.

A - E = W
F - J = O
K - O = M
P - T = A
U - Z = N

Get out your Thesauruses! I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Time For A Giveaway!

How lucky are we that our gorgeous blog-friend Robin from Cinnamon and Honey has shared with the Virtual GNO crowd a fantastic assortment of her hand made cards. Take a look at her creations on the video below:

Now, we would like everyone to have these. Her handmade treasures are available at her Etsy shop. However, a lucky Virtual GNO participant will win all 4 of these cards with envelopes to match. Here's what you do:

1) Go to Robin's Etsy shop,look through her collection and pick your favorite design.
2) Return to this VGNO party and leave the title of your favorite in my comments.
3) Winner will be chosen by Random.Org on Monday, March 9th.

I can personally vouch for the high quality of Robin's cards. (I was a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator for 7 years :-> ). Her cards are great. Yeah Hand Made!!!

That should get us all going for a great Virtual GNO. Go have fun! Sign Mr. Linky below to join the Virtual GNO. Visit those that sign-in! Go blog-hopping! That's what it's all about. And I would love to meet your blog friends. Post A LINK to our party on your blog and hopefully they will join us:-> Go check out Robin's shop Have fun!

***** And please remember to be kind to your fellow blogger *****

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