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Yes! Please Hold The Door!

I want the door held opened for me. I want the chair pulled away from the table for me to sit in. I want flowers! I want cards! I want appreciation! (Wait... I'm getting off topic here. Valentine's Day is coming soon Honey, if you're reading this ;-> )

Miss Manner's had a question today from a gentleman asking if he should continue to hold doors open for women. He was raised in the South however, when he moved North he found his gesture to annoy more women than he ever expected.

I kind of get it.

I asked friends their opinion and it created an interesting discussion. Some women think it shows weakness on their part to have a man open a door. Some feel very uncomfortable, they feel a stranger is getting too close. OK. I hear ya'.

But just to take the gesture for what it is, showing respect for your presence, that's what I go with. I do NOT feel that I owe a man anything other than a 'Thank You' when a door is held open. (I'm talking a stranger here, not my husband.) I don't need to strike up a conversation or, in turn, give him the grocery cart that I was going to use. He opened the door like a gentleman should and that's that.

I appreciate respect. I appreciate 'appreciation'. (And Honey, a nice box of See's Candy would do nicely, thank you!)

How do you feel about this issue?

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