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Alexis Stewart, I'm Not Impressed

I'm just saying...

Alexis Stewart is the daughter of Martha Stewart. Alexis and her friend have a new television show on the Fine Living Network called "Whatever, Martha!". I've seen the promo commercial a couple of times and I think this show makes Alexis look like a spoiled-rotten, little B***h. There, I said it. Kind of.
Martha is such an easy target. The masses have been making fun of her for years. She is the ultimate Domestic Diva, making her own mirrors and pretentious enough to pronounce the 'H' in the word Herb. But give me a break, does she need to get crap coming at her from her own daughter?
Alexis grew up with a mother who was very,very busy. She probably had a nanny, or two. She quiet possibly didn't get the attention she craved from her busy mom. So now she's going to take it out on her mom with her snarky comments in her nasty tone on national television?!?
It appears that Martha is supporting her daughters endeavor. However, I think lovely Martha doesn't truly understand Alexis' vicious sarcasm.
I'm sorry. But all of this rubs me the wrong way. If you think your mother was/is so horrible do you really think we all want to hear it? We've got our own problems.

I'm just saying.

And... It's Mission Monday at Jay's Halftime Lessons. Go check it out!

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