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Keep It Going! Girls Night Out!

To recover from last nights GNO I did the healthy thing and took my huge chocolate lab Benny for a walk this morning. I wasn't alone because my Zen Master, Caroline from The Zen In You did the same thing! (I think my dog walked me though. How about you Caroline?)
That was a great way to clear my head and get ready for some more fun!
I picked up the fixings to make a Pink Greek Goddess. Can't wait to try it!

Here's a party favor!
Tiffany from The R Family Diaries is having a contest. She has reached her 100th post and is sharing her happiness. The prize... a $100 American Express Gift Card. Isn't that something?!?Go visit her.

Jen from Lipgloss & Baseball shares some music... (And I have a story to share after)
The Killers "Romeo & Juliet"
This was originally done by Dire Straits. The Indigo Girls have also done a cover.

This song is going to lead me to a story. One of the most important in my life.

I had never heard this song before 1992. I was on my way to a, well, I'll just call him a 'boyfriends' house to have one of those wonderful talks. 'Where-is-this-going?' kind of talk. Yuck.

As he walks me from the front door into the kitchen I see a girl sitting at the table with a guy who has a guitar. The "guitar guy" looks at me and says "hi". We had meet once before. (He's super-duper cute and has an acoustic guitar. Melt my heart.)

The four of us sit around the kitchen table not saying much. I'm totally confused because I thought it was understood that I was going to come over around this time and have a talk. Why is this other couple here?
The guy I came to see explains that he needs to learn how to play guitar for a role in a play, hence the friend with the guitar is here to teach him. Nice, I'm thinking. But why is his girlfriend here too?
At this point the girl says "Well, I should be going." And my guy says "I'll walk you out." I'm so-o-o confused!!! Why is my guy walking this "guitar guys" date to the door? Why isn't he....ooh.... she isn't Guitar Guys girlfriend. She's my guys girl. And she obviously has slept-over.

All of this is running around my brain when Guitar Guy starts playing a song. I hadn't heard it before but it's beautiful. When the song is over I smiled but he didn't even look at me. Or talk to me. It's just the two of us sitting there listening to the coffee pot grumble. What?!?

When my guy comes back I'm so appalled, embarrassed, and just so-o-o over this that I can't even look at him.  Guitar Guy starts playing another song, this one is "To Turn You On" by Roxy Music. THIS song I know. And at this point, I realize that Guitar Guy is playing to me. He's singing to me.

And that's how Guitar Guy wooed me. And, one year later, become my husband.  And that first song he played, "Romeo & Juliet".

Roxy Music "To Turn You On"
(Here's a video that someone made to go with the song. I'm showing you this so you can hear the lyrics that I heard that made my head explode!)

Of course there is more to the story. (It's a good one!) But what about you? What is your "Story of Love"?

Whew! I believe it's time for a Pearl Greek Goddess! What's everyone else drinking?  Well, grab your drinks and head over to Cheryl's place at The Daily Blonde. She's the hostess for tonight! And I see she has a new drink to try out!!!

Don't be afraid to mingle! When someone leaves a comment go visit their blog. And when your blog is visited, go visit your guests blog. Keep the momentum going. Come back though! It's a party!!!

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