Guess Who Showed Up At Our Back Door?

Well, well, well - guess who came back?

Cooper hanging with his "pal" Benny

Honestly, I'm not surprised. (See "Goodbye Cooper") This cat was going through our back yard for weeks when he decided to join us inside and get familiar and cozy in June.  Obviously he's in the neighborhood somewhere.  I received the owners name from the vet and I thought his named sounded familiar from a neighborhood Facebook group I belong to.  I sent a private message to this familiar name and let him know of Cooper's time with us and the care we'd given him.  I told him the street we lived on but I didn't give the address.

Three days later, Monday night, I received a response from "John" saying that the cat had been pretty unhappy at their house, and that he really doesn't know why.  They were trying to re-acclimate the cat to being indoors however, they now have a 9 week old puppy and the cat escaped during one of the many potty trips.  "John" said if the cat found his way to us that "Cooper" had made his decision. However, they are moving in 2 weeks to a house with 5 acres so if the cat could deal being inside for just a bit longer he's sure he'd love the new land and home.  I agree.

Cooper hung out with us Tuesday morning, noon and night, taking breaks outside when he needed.  Last night I sent a message to John that Cooper was here and that he could hang out here until they move if he'd like and I gave him our address.  I agree that this cat needs to have land and be away from traffic.  (We live on a slightly busy 2 lane street.)  The owner sent a message that he'll be picking the cat up tonight.  I wonder how long he'll stay with them :->

It was nice for Cooper to come back for a visit.  The girls got to say their 'Goodbyes' and we started talking about the kind of cat we'd like to have join us in our home.  Cooper was feisty, allowing you to pet him for a while before nibbling/biting.  He scratched our furniture (my new leather recliner!  Gah!  I waited years for that chair) and could be a pill with our Chocolate Lab Benny.  But then again, there were moments of sweetness, brief moments of cuddling and the fact that he chose to be here was precious.

Will we get another cat?  We shall see.  Can our hearts take it?

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  1. When I was younger I lived on 10 acres of land, we always had stray cats coming and going (I remember one that stuck around for a while that I named Oreo) although we also had an indoor cat who HATED other cats being near the house, she would pick fights with them through the windows. It's sad that he will be moving, he certainly seems to have "chosen" you! Plus, introducing an older cat with a new puppy normally isn't a good idea.

    1. We'll see how this move goes tonight. Should we make bets when we think he will return ;->


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