You Think I'm Weird, Do You?

Taking part in Mama's Losin' It - Kat's Writer's Workshop.  My chosen writing prompt:

#6 Something funny your child said

"Mom, you're weird."

When I heard those words I felt so many emotions.  First, I laughed.  This is a typical thing for a teenager to say to their parent, right?  Then I agreed.  I do have my own way of looking at things. Then I was self-conscious.  Am I so "weird" that I'm still embarrassing myself in my middle age?

Do you remember having someone make you feel dumb in grade school?  Or, middle school?  High School?  You raise your hand to give an answer only to have the class laugh because the answer is completely wrong.  But, in your mind, you see how your answer could work?  I mean, I get it. Why don't they?  That's pretty much me and my brain, my spirit.

Having a brain that works this way requires knowing when to keep quiet and/or having a thick skin, of which I have neither.  I am super sensitive to feelings and vibes and even when I hear the words 'Don't say it.  Don't say it.' swirling in my brain my mouth forms these words and out comes my "weird" thought.

If people had warning labels mine would read:  'I make no sense'.  But I do make sense - to myself.

I'm not weird, or dumb.  I just see things differently sometimes.  Hopefully some day I'll feel more comfortable about it.

How about you join us over at Kat's place - Mama's Losin' It.  Take part in the Writer's Workshop or, just visit her blog.  She is one of my absolute FAVORITE people to read and watch.  Hilarious!  And so talented.  If you're taking part in the Writer's Workshop let me know :->

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  1. You know, when I was younger, I felt dumb for using "bigger" words than my friends. Me: "I couldn't get through the hall it was all congested." Past Friend: "Ha ha Dean, congested means your sick!" Because the my other friends and their "bright" boyfriends, weren't sure, they laughed along too-- that really got to me. Only because that happened often, and because I was the "weird" one because I wasn't always trying to be stuck in the same box.
    I don't think being different is weird or dumb, I think it's just being who you are, and if you cannot be you, who can you me?


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