Is This Considered EavesDropping?

Is This Considered Eavesdropping? Ann Again and again

Taking part in Mama Kat's (pretty much World famous) Writer's Workshop.

My chosen prompt:  7 Things You Overheard This Week.

  • We hosted an Oscar party last Sunday and my daughter was concerned that an open window was too chilly for my mother:  Katie asked, "Grandma, are you cold?" My mom replied, "Oh Honey, I haven't been cold since 1986."

  • My mom and dad, divorced for over 30 years, have remained friends throughout.  Recent developments have made the parts we play in his life very significant and my mom has noticed a change in his attitude.  Over lunch the other day my mom asked,  "Ron, when did you get this appreciation for women?"  He said, "When I got sick and needed help and all of my help was coming from women - smart, capable women.  I can't believe it took me so long."

  • "Katie. Katie. Katie. Katie. Katie. Katie."   My 13 y/o daughter Lily trying to get her 16 y/o big sister's attention.

  • While in a check-out line at my Grocery Outlet -  "This woman was trying to balance her baby, maybe it was her grandchild, on the counter here.  Right here!  I'm checking her groceries and she's trying to balance a tiny baby on the counter!  Now THAT was some crying, so your child?  That's nothin' Don't worry".  Cashier to customer.  

  • On the drive home after school with one of Lily's friends along for the ride - Friend: "Lily, where are you going to college?"  Lily:  "Japan."  (Me, to myself:  "What?!?")

Oh, that's only 5 things that I overheard.  I'll listen better next time.  Or is it eavesdrop?  What an interesting term, "eavesdrop".  I need to look up where that term came from.  Eaves?  I understand eaves to be parts of a roof that hang over your house.  Aren't those eaves?  So why would over-hearing a conversation be called eavesdropping?  Hmmm.  As my mom says - time to go look it up in my ol' Funk & Wagnalls!

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Have you overheard something interesting lately? ;->

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  1. There is no lack of entertainment in your house!

    1. I try to keep it light. (Life is hard enough no need to add a stressful home.) Trying to sway my teenager from taking things too seriously :->

  2. I love that about your parents remaining friends! It is so rare!! And soooo funny about your grandmother! haha!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my place! You have a cute blog, glad to have "met" you!!

    1. It is rare, and it made all my life experiences a bit easier knowing I could speak freely about each one of them without being in fear of hurting feelings or starting an argument.

      Happy to have "met" you too Kate!


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