What Choice Will You Make?

Your mind can change your matter - Ann Again and again

There are times when it's 'Mind over matter'.

Mind, as in thinking?  Or Mind, as in caring?


Some days are so much more difficult to handle emotionally.  Feelings.  Argh!  If only we could live in our "happy place".

Choices.  What mood shall I strive to reach today?  Positive.  My goal is to be positive.  To find peace.

What choices will you make today?

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  1. Love this Ann! Thanks for the inspiring message! I always try to wake up excited and as if something wonderful is about to happen at any moment. And it works! Even if its just something silly like a phone call from a friend, or being able to take an extra moment or two to enjoy an extra cup of coffee. Whatever it is I always choose joy! Somedays this is easier said than done, but simply knowing my goal is to be positive and happy helps swing my mood!

    1. That's great Mindy! I'm like you. Before I get out of bed I give myself a little pep talk 'Let's make this a great day!' Or, 'Let's make something wonderful happen today'. Something, anything along the positive. I choose to look for the positive. (Some days easier than others ;-> )


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