Wordless Wednesday - What Do Cats Dream Of?

Maddy is dreaming of jumping into that basket with the pumpkins, I just know it.  

When it comes to Maddy and her dear sister Phoebe (who left us last October - RIP Phoebe) they seem to be most cozy when they're "in" something.  Examples:

Maddy felt very comfortable in a glass fish bowl

Once the fishbowl got too small she moved to my purse

She could always find a sack that was just the right size

One of my favorites.  Returned home from work and couldn't find our kittens any where then... poof! There they were, in a self proclaimed kitty bunk bed a.k.a. shoe rack

If you've lived with a cat you must have experienced finding them in close, cozy spaces.  What's a funny place you've found your cat? 

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    1. I had no idea how entertaining cats were, until we adopted these sisters from the ASPCA in Manhattan 18 years ago. Great companions!


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