Who Told My Cat She Could Sing?

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Today's writing prompt:  Your Pet's Least Likable Character Trait.

Who's a good kitty?  Who's a pretty kitty?  Who's a sweetie-sweetie little pretty kitty?

After a long night, filled with the music stylings of our cat Maddy singing her opera of meows?  Not my kitty!  That's for sure!

Ann Again and again - Who Told My Cat She Could Sing?

I don't know why this has happened but our dear old cat Maddy has changed her personality and has become loud and difficult at night.  She gets plenty of attention - plenty from our 12 year old Lily - but she still has something to complain about and it's usually around 3 or 4 in the morning.

Does she have food?  Yes, later in her life she is taken with wet cat food so we make sure to feed her before we go to bed so her serving will last until morning.  Does she have water?  Yes, as a matter of fact she has a large container of water that she just loves to bellow above before drinking - this "singing" usually starts around 3 a.m.  Toys, cozy blankets, she's got it all.

We wondered if she couldn't see the water, she used to love to drink from a running faucet but after the faucet was left on one too many times that idea had to go away, so we have a water dish that moves when it refills.  But she STILL sings to her water, and she sounds kind of angry actually.  Is she mad at her water?  Her meowing sounds kind of like "I don't like you.  But I'm thirsty so... well... here it goes!"

Oh, the night meowing is bad. Have you had a similar experience?  Did you find a solution?  Advice is welcome!

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Mama's Losin' It

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  1. Ah, night cat howling - we have that here, too. And water dish issues as well. Clearly, we have too many cats.

    Your kitty's singing is funny...and yet not so much. I completely understand the sorrow that comes with late night cat howls.

    1. I think I'll start recording her "music". Perhaps there are those that will buy this kind of "singing" and I can put the profits toward really powerful earplugs! Thanks for commenting Lisa! You have such a gift of writing - I am so happy you came by! :->

  2. She may be lonely. Or singing to the mice.
    My little Sam loves to sing whenever he has his little stuffed birdie in his mouth. He carts that thing around the house, and always brings it upstairs in the bedroom when it's time to go to bed. Still not sure if his singing means "hey, look what I got" or "yo birdie, time to go to bed".


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