But I Thought You Said 'Breakfast'?

I have a child who talks.  I mean she ta-a-a-a-alks.  Loves to tell you her dreams, the tales of the school day, her thoughts on how she thinks life should be.  It's fun to hear her creative ideas and she comes up with good points however, well, there are times when I tune her out because the descriptions can go on for a lo-o-o-o-ong time.

This morning, after she finished the lengthy retelling of her cool dream while I was in the shower - out of the shower - washed my face - brushed my teeth - moisturized - got dressed   AFTER that story was told, she went to play on the computer.  A little quiet time, I thought.  I was in the kitchen making breakfast when she decides to tell me another story.  Uh huh, yep.  Oh, interesting.  I'm listening then I start to fade.  And, for a brief time, so does she.  Something shiny on the computer must have caught her eye.

She makes a comment about me not picking up a sweet treat from the Farmers Market that morning and I said "Well, if you had walked there with me you would have earned a brownie.  But no, you didn't come with me, so I picked up my breakfast tamale, I earned it."   She starts talking about something, but I'm still in the breakfast thought process.  I remind her of the yummy breakfast I made for her before I left.  I go on defending my choice of not getting her a brownie when I hear her say 'Mom, I've made myself breakfast, twice."

I respond with 'Oh, wow.  In your 12 years of life you've made yourself breakfast twice. Wow.'  She's staring at me puzzled.  I take this to mean that she's understanding my sarcasm and she's trying to come up with a good response.  Instead she says "Mom, what are you talking about?  I didn't say anything about making myself breakfast twice.  I said 'Mom, I just made fart noises out of my mouth, twice.  How in the heck did you get "breakfast" from that?!"

I don't know if it was the words I thought she said, or the words that she actually said, that made me laugh so hard.  A combination of both, I think.

She's on to me.

Lily could tell that I wasn't really listening and decided to do a little free flow speaking without editing.  What ever's on her mind comes out of her mouth.

I should listen to her more often.  This girl makes me laugh.

Do you have a child that likes to talk?  Tell you stories?  Any chance you weren't listening 100% as well?  Share your story!

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  1. Both my boys enjoy talking. My oldest is adorable to listen too (he's only 4). At the dinner table I always ask him, "So what did you do today?" Even though I was there, it's hilarious what HIS version is. I often find out what the high light of his day was too. I love it when he then turns to me and asks "So, Mommy, how was your day?" Kids are a joy, and yes, sometimes the LONG LONG LONG LONG stories can get old. ;)

  2. When my sone was younger he used to talk quite a bit. I loved listening to him, but sometimes it did go a little long. But I always encouraged communication, because as they get older, the communication with parents lessons as they make friends and grow.

  3. I have a son like that. he can talk you ear off. He has tons of facts to share. Things like "Mom did you know Octopuses smell with their eyes?" I have a tendency to fade too. I some times tell him I am all talked out. :)

  4. LOL! I don't have children but I teach elementary school and find myself doing this same thing. Sometimes it's just easier to half listen!

  5. Oh my goodness! I haven't met a kid you doesn't like to talk yet! Yikes! My son isn't even 3 and he is just non stop! Some words don't make sense but when it does it's either funny or just telling you what to do! It's like verbal diarhea at home all the time!

  6. I have a BOY who chatters non-stop. He tells me every moment of every encounter of every day all day. Sometimes, I fade out. Okay, more than sometimes. Then I remember, I am the mother of a 16 year old boy... 16. YEARS. BOY!!! And he tells me about his day. I am blessed. And I listen.


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