How To Stay Dry In A River

Ann Again... and again

"This looks like a great day to go to Oaks Amusement Park!" said none of the children and Chaperones that were at Oaks Park today.

Could it have been any colder, rainier, windier?  Nope.  Don't think so. Thank goodness I had heavy boots, huge raincoat and a large umbrella.  (I was still wet and cold at the end of the day though.) If kids are being treated to an end-of-school year celebration at an amusement park, nothing can dampen their enthusiasm!

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Life as we know it by Paula

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  1. Stopping by via bloghop! New follower 0f your blog, facebookpage, twitter and also pinterest now. Hope to see you at my places:) Have a great day!
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    1. How cool! Thank you so much for visiting. I'm so happy we connected through the blog hop :->

      Off to check out your pages now!


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