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Starting the week off... with some encouragement.

L: Lily  R: Her buddy Kaitlyn

Yesterday I shared that my 6th grader Lily was very anxious, very upset, about going to Outdoor School.  (Post: Is It Right To Make Her Go?)  Well, we got her packed and she made it on the bus.  Here she is sitting next to her sweet friend, and cabin buddy, Kaitlyn.  When the bus started to pull away from the curb I saw her take a deep breath and try to smile.

I've been sending her positive thoughts and vibes all day and night.  I hope she has fun.  (And I hope she enjoys the magazine of One Direction and the candy I hid in her duffel bag ;-> )

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  1. I am sure once she finds the magazine and treats she will feel somewhat better. Hopefully it will end up being an exciting adventure for her.

    1. I hope to see a smiling face when we pick her up tomorrow night. (My dream is to hear her say "That was great!" hmmm, we shall see :-> )

  2. It can be very scary for us not just them to go away on these trips. I have yet to send my boys to overnight camp. I'm the anxious one.


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