Kids See Free

Let’s be honest. It's hard to get children excited about the prospect of wearing glasses. Not only was my 11 year old trying to deal with the fact that she needed glasses but she thought that meant they had to look like her fathers.  No, no they don't. My pink-loving girl finally came around to deciding on her first pair when she spotted a sparkly, bedazzled pair in pink.  If they find a pair that they love, they will be that much more excited to wear them. Luckily, Coastal.com offers a huge variety of awesome children’s glasses that will fit any budget. Even if your budget is zero dollars!
Currently, the company is running a special promotion that will get both parents and children excited about glasses. If you purchase any pair of glasses, you can select free children’s glasses from their ‘kids see free’ category. The glasses feature kid safe durable lenses which can withstand active children’s lives. The lenses offer protective coating to protect the sensitive skin around the eyes, and anti scratch coating, because kids will be kids.
This is a fantastic promotion that allows kids to get the glasses they want, at a price that cannot be beat.


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