I Need To Keep This Up!

I'm starting my third week of my latest exercise regime and I'm tired.  But I've got to push through.  The fact that I even stopped 3 months ago was a mistake.  If I had just kept it up then I wouldn't be hurting so much now!

This isn't so much a vanity thing, it's a mental issue as well.  Yes, I do want my body to not be so saggy and jiggly, there is that.  But my mood is so-o-o-o much more positive when I've exercised.  I need to remind myself that exercising is my anti-depressant, and that is very necessary.

So on I go, ignoring my brain's first message of  'I don't wanna' and, making my body move.  Have you found ways to encourage yourself to keep up with something, even though you kind of don't want to?  Please share, I need all the motivation I can find!

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