It Found Its Way

Even though I talked him into getting a flu shot weeks ago, my husband Rob came down with some strain of the virus two days ago.  Oh boy.

I've been washing everything, loaded up on Gatorade, Emergen-C and chicken broth.

This comes at a really bad time - Rob's play opens tomorrow night.  And... he has a very special birthday coming up on Saturday.  What a drag!

How are you fairing during this flu season?

(Getting ready for the Super Bowl happening this Sunday?  Check out "Super Bowl Activities To Burn Off The Foods You Just Ate" ).  I may be laying off the Cheetos ;->

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  1. Can totally relate, got the flu at Christmas, then pneumonia and still not better. Ugh!

    1. Flu then pneumonia?! Yuck! Are you taking Tamiflu? I've been hearing a lot about that.

  2. So far so good. My husband was sick but not with the flu. My son had a cold for three days but again not the flu. I have been dodging it left and right at the radio station. Everyone in my office has been hit except for me. I got my shot three weeks ago, but of course that doesn't mean I wont get it. It just means it may not be as bad as it could be. I'm hoping for the best. I hope it works out for you too. One thing I am doing is drinking lots of grapefruit juice and tea with honey. I am also washing my hands constantly. I was a little worried Monday because I was behind a guy with a huge wad of tissues in his hands, but for the sake of the flu, my pastor is not having us all do the big hand-shake-hug greeting thing. :) Have a wonderful weekend. I hope your husband has a speedy recovery.


  3. Oh no! I hope your hubby feels better soon! Sending get well wishes!

    I wanted to stop by and thank you for joining this week’s Harvest of Friends Weekend Blog Hop.


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