Finding Friendship Next Door

There are certain times of the year when memories of our dear neighbor Eleanor overwhelm me and I miss her so much.

Ann Again... and again
Me with Eleanor

When Rob and I bought this house, our first home, we were blessed with the good fortune of having an incredible neighbor right beside us.  She became a grandmother figure in our lives and was such a treasure. I just don't know what I would have done without her on those days when being a mother of a very active child was overwhelming.

Eleanor gave me the impression that she had "seen it all" and reminded to take a breath, calm down, and focus on the smile and amazing energy of my little Katie.  When that lovely energy of my little girl was too much Eleanor's house would be a haven for Katie (and me) and there our little girl would be, "making" cookies in Eleanor's kitchen,  discovering a new toy that Eleanor had chosen for her at a yard sale, or just sitting on her couch, talking about all of the amazing things going on in Katie's young life.  What a blessing this woman was!

Over the years our friendship grew and I was invited to join her Game Night group.  Yes, I was the youngest in the room, but that point of reference was just numbers on paper.  These ladies had so much energy and joy!  I learned to play Bunko while getting tips on how to deal with my lively little girl.  I learned of partybingo.com from one fantastic woman while getting the start to Friendship Bread from another.  Yes, partying with these women was a highlight of my month!  (And I mean partying  *clink*!)

It's been about 6 years since our dear Eleanor "transitioned".  She was a blessing in our lives and I'm so grateful for everything she shared with me;  parenting advice, friendship and game night!  

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