Who Are The Gods of Electronics And How Do I Appease Them??

Here I am, writing about how electronics made for a LOT of unnecessary stress yesterday, using my laptop.  I do believe that is what's called "irony", correct?

First, my husband Rob found a nasty pattern of 100's of minutes of data usage basically being stolen from my iPhone and Verizon's Customer Service suggestion was for me to turn off my phone at night.  That's it.  Turn off my phone?  Do they think the phones power button is like locking a door so no one can enter?  What?!?

After hours on the phone, going between Verizon saying "It's not us, it's Apple".  Then turning to Apple and hearing "It's not us, it's them" Rob gave himself a sanity break and touched the almighty "End" button.

Later in the evening Rob set up our family Christmas present, a t.v. for our little living room.  This t.v. is supposed to be a quick "plug & play" with all of our channels showing up right where they should be.  Well, it seems that our cable provider Comcast/Verizon is hiding their channels on a low level radar something-or-other and now no cable.  But?  But?  What about my lovely Bravo channel?  My Style Network?  Oh Comcast!!!

These are not the World's woe's.  I'm completely and totally aware of that.  For the past month I have been barraged with "Real Life" and a part of my head and heart has snapped.  So, for now, please give me this reprieve and let me vent of things that are truly of no consequence other than frustrations that can be fixed, eventually.

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  1. omg, that's crazy about the phone...so it's still unresolved? do you use wi-fi when home?

    1. Yep Jen, it's still unresolved. And we do use wi-fi at home, the phone charging station is directly across from it. It's just crazy! It started on the 13th and now I have less than a quarter left of my data for my plan. Verizon is saying that they can't tell who is using the data, but that makes no sense. They know - and can see - everything. Right? Argh!!!

      I'm having an open discussion on Twitter with @VZWsupport. We'll see...


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