Way To Get My Attention!

While driving home with Katie we passed an old Victorian house that has a history of unusual decorations peeking out from their windows, porches or birdbaths.  It's always something quirky, which isn't odd for Portland.  As we were passing the house Katie kept an eye on it then turned to me and said, "Whew.  I thought I saw a body without arms in the yard but it was just a mannequin."  Now, I've seen a female mannequin in their window many times so I was having a little word-play with "mannequin" and started rambling with name variations. 

'Her-nequin'.  Katie said "No mom." 

'She-nequin'.   "No" She said.

'Woman-nequin'.  "No Mom!! I saw the bulge!"

I was shaken from my word play haze and said, 'Where was it?'

Frustrated she said, "Where else would a bulge be?  In the front!"


'No', I said.  'I meant, where was the mannequin?!'

This girl definitely keeps me on my toes.

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  1. That is hysterical! And now I want to see Mr. Bulgeakin!!


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