What's That Thing Called?

While my 11 year old, Lily, was at the computer this was her question to me -

Lily:  "Mom, what happened to that machine where the paper comes up?"

Mom:  'What?'

L:  "That machine with the paper that comes out the back?"

M:  'A printer?'

L:  "I don't think that's what it's called.  It was something that had keys like this (pointing at computer keyboard) and the paper would go up and down."

M:  'That would be a typewriter.'

*sigh*  That just makes me sad.

I miss White Out. 

Do you remember correction tape?  You would have to line up the incorrect letter and the letter key then you'd put the correction tape in between them and press the letter key to erase what you did?  All that work to erase one wrong letter.  *sniff*  I do actually miss it.  (Are you even old enough to know what I'm talking about? ;-> )

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