And So It Goes

Our appointment this morning for Phoebe was kept.  Not easily, I assure you.

The desire to have her with us was selfish.  She wasn't able to eat and we could see she was in pain.

I feel horrible because I was her care-taker, her guardian.  Rob and I were her parents and we couldn't stop this sickness from hurting our precious, little Phoebe.

She was a great cat.  Almost made it 17 years.  Now we hold and pet Maddy while she tries to figure out where her sister's gone.

Phoebe is close by, in a special spot under my daughter Katie's favorite tree.  Rob created the space and Katie, Lily, Rob and I gathered to honor this silly cat.  It was tough.  I'm glad it was raining, it felt right.

Buddha Belly, Phoe-bert, Naked Phoebe. The nicknames that only make sense to us. 

The tears have got to stop.  She was so sweet.  We'll miss her.

(*"I'm Too Tender Hearted")

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss!!!!! RIP, Phoebe!! xoxoxo


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