Where Am I?

All right.  Here's another thing about me that makes no sense.  The times when I have the most to say, the most to share, when there are so many thoughts going through my head and I feel if I don't get them out I'll just explode at the gas station attendant if they ask me one-more-time if I would like to "use my Rewards points for 10 cents off a gallon of gas" and OF COURSE my answer is 'YES!!!!!'.  Those days when I just need to write how I'm feeling and what I'm experiencing are those days and times when I don't write.

*and I just took a breath*

I will gather my thoughts.  I will find the nerve to write.

I hope to be back soon.

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  1. I understand fully what you mean. I have moments in a day where there are experiences that I just have to talk about but by the time I can get to a computer to share them *poof* they are gone like Pete the Magic Dragon. Then the days where nothing is going on I feel the need to write more than the need to breath but alas have nothing to write about.

    Just keep plugging away and I'll be here to read when you do write.


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