London Anyone?

Have you ever wanted to visit London?  There are a few cities/countries I have on my "Wish List" and London is one of them.  Years ago my niece was able to perform in London with her choral group and my lucky mom and sister went as chaperones.  (*sniff*  I couldn't make it).  I've heard stories of their trip that make me smile and I can't wait to take a trip there myself.

When I get in my daydreaming mode of wishing I was somewhere else I visit sites that take me on virtual trips.  While looking for London apartments I found a helpful site full of information from a couple, Robert and Polly Arnold, who have lived in London all of their lives and share their vast knowledge of Central London sights and locations so that visitors have the best possible time in their City.  With over 22 years of experience in London Apartments they personally check out listing to make sure they meet their standards, if they wouldn't stay there, they won't recommend it to you!

Incredibly helpful, and fun, tips are found throughout Robert and Polly Arnold's site.  The more I read about this couple, and the services they provide, my daydreaming might become a reality.  If you have any experiences in London, please share!

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  1. I have stayed in London. I love it, however, it's very expensive


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