My Cat Prepares To Audition For The Voice

Phoebe preparing to rehearse in the bathtub

One of our cats has decided to become an Opera Singer.

We are not happy with her decision.

Her favorite rehearsal room seems to be the bathroom, which is a good choice because the acoustics are very good.  (At least that's what I've picked up from my years of watching VH1's "Behind The Music".)

Phoebe likes to sit in the bathtub with the shower curtain drawn.  She prefers to belt out her loudest notes in the evening, or to be more precise, in the early morning hour of 4:00 am.  This rehearsal schedule of hers isn't working out with us.

I have no idea of why she's chosen to become a diva.  She's 17 and perhaps she's thinking "It's now or never!"  Or, maybe she's heard me singing in the shower and thought "I can do better than that!"  Well, other cats may like it, but for us, this has got to stop.

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