Spastic Bird

While Katie is off to camp for the week she asked if we would take care of her bird, Jirico, for her.  This is the bird that she worked very hard to earn by concentrating more on school work and receiving better grades.

I will get his crazy moves on video one of these days!  He does this thing where he'll grab the side of his house, one foot on one bar the other foot diagonal from it, and he'll put his head through his feet then his whole body, turning his chest out,all the while holding tight to the bars.  I think he's trying to snap his feet off!  It's the craziest thing I've ever seen a budgie do. 


(Rob had a dream last night that Jirico got out and our dog Benny was going after him as well as our two cats.  We better keep this bird around until Katie gets home!!!)

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  1. I can't wait til you catch it on video!!! My dog caught my cockatiel in his mouth twice. Luckily, he spit him out when I told him to but yes, best to keep Jirico in his cage for now! =)


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