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There is a product that I love so much that I just had to sell it.  I'm pretty burnt out on the "direct sales" game but I couldn't help myself with regards to Scentsy.  I was just going to keep it small however, I did step it up in my sales game and take part in a Bazaar.  With the help of my daughters I can truly say it went well, and wasn't painful at all.  (For my feet, that is ;-> )

Something I didn't enjoy in my previous sales life was carting all the products around to create a more noticeable display, but now I've found using trade show exhibits with my products design, helps gain attention without having to bring so many products.  With my last bazaar I used handy table covers and a quick table top display that was easy to assemble and still caught people’s eye.

I've learned from a previous bazaar that chairs are not always available, and oh my that was a long day.  I decided to bring my own directors chairs with my product logo and name printed on it.  I actually had two chairs and placed the other in front of my table.  It's amazing how popular my product became once a chair was added!  If you are in the direct sales business I hope these ideas will help you have an easier, more pleasant sales experience.

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