Being The Chaperone

***Thanks for the guest post by Bradly Watkins***

I have officially gotten old. Not only do I stay home on Friday nights and watch expertsatellite, but am perfectly content doing so. This Friday, I actually do have something to do. Something that is making me really feel old. I graduated from college four years ago now—wow! This weekend, I will be chaperoning my first sorority date night. I remember going to date nights and never really noticed the chaperones. Now, I am old enough to be the chaperone and will be this weekend! The date night (which I will not have a date too because my husband has to work) is a Western themed date night. They have hired someone to come and teach line dancing. All I have to do is show up and wear my Western gear. I am really hoping that no one tries anything foolish. I hope that this will go really smoothly. If I have to get onto a bunch of kids about acting a fool, then I am really going to feel old!

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  1. I'm so lost. These girls don't date without a chaperon?


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