Probably Shouldn't Be This Mad, But I Am

'Another example that the 14 year old brain is not fully formed.' I repeated this to myself while driving to where I was praying my daughter was.

After school yesterday my daughter asked if she could go to her friends house.  I made sure she got there and trusted that she would stay at that house until she was picked up.  At 5:00 I called my husband to ask if he could pick-up our girl on his way home from work.  I called her friends house with our plan and no one answered.  I waited 5 minutes and called again, no one answered.  Another 5 minutes, no answer.

I'm doing my best to stay calm, perhaps they're playing video games in the basement which, I've been told, isn't near the phone.  Now, this upsets me that they can't hear the phone ring but I'm sure Rob's knocking on the door will get someone's attention.  Rob calls from the house saying the house is dark and no one is answering the door.  Not good.

I called a mom whose daughter was also supposed to be at this friend's house and she said that everyone is probably at the youth groups new choir and band practice.  This is something I know nothing about however, it makes sense that my daughter would be there.  What DOESN'T make sense is that she didn't call and tell me that she changed venues on me.  Not cool!

I do hold my daughter responsible.  She should have called and asked permission.  But what gets me is when that friend (whose house my daughter was supposed to be at) is in our home, and we would like to go some where, I always have the friend call her parents to ask their permission if she can go as well. This act is something this parent did not give to me. They drove my daughter some place without my knowledge/permission.  AND... when I called on their cell phone, they didn't answer so I left a message.  AND... after the fact of me picking up my daughter this parent STILL didn't call to either respond to my phone message of 'my daughter is supposed to be at your house and yet no one is home' or call to say "I took your daughter some place yet she wasn't there when I went to pick the kids up.  Is she with you?".

What the hell???

Ack.  Argh.  Bleech!!!

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  1. what the hell? is right! I would be livid!! when my daughter's friend is here I even call her Mom to see if she can eat a certain thing, let alone if we are going some where!! NOT cool

  2. Good grief. I would be upset about that too! It is so awful to not know where your child is. Did your daughter get in trouble? Did you give that parent a piece of your mind?

    1. There was plenty of talk and tears on the way home. Her plan was to have the friends parent drop her off when they came to pick the kids up. I hadn't given a time for her to be home so she assumed if she were home by our normal dinner time, everything was fine. She is reminding me of how specific I need to be with her. And regarding the friends parent? I have yet to speak with either of them.


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