Ideas From My Neighbors

OK.  I am seriously considering adding window boxes to the front of our house.  While driving around, looking at all the pretty light displays on peoples homes I loved one in particular.  They had their window boxes lit like a toy train, spilling over with toys, and the wheels appeared to go 'round and 'round.  I want to do that too!

We live on a slightly busy street and I really want to up our Christmas light decorations.  December is such a dark, and most evenings dreary, time weather wise here that I truly appreciate when I see homes decorated for the holidays.  It helps elevate my mood.

If I'm going to be all gung-ho for these window boxes I need to put them in good use year 'round - not just for my lighted Christmas display.  I promise my husband that I will create a lovely garden window box full of herbs and a window flower box over flowing with sweet alyssum, lobelia, petunias and pansies.  He'll definitely go for that!

Something to add to the "Honey Do" list ;->

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  1. That would be awesome!!! Take pics!!!! I love the Christmas lights too!! It seems like that is one thing that many seem to "come together" with!


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