Bring On The Mama Bear

We are 3 months into the new school year and I'm hearing a little boys name too often, as in "So-and-so is so mean!"  This mama bear of a 5th grader is not happy.

My oldest is in 8th grade and, regarding her class, something has been going on every year since 1st grade.  So I've been involved with those kids, around that group, they know me.  They know that when I come to sit-in on a class something's up. They're older now and a majority of them are respectful but, there are those that need to be little jerks sometimes.  That's fine, I remember being 13.

Regarding my youngest daughter's class they've been pretty good.  It's basically a sweet group.  However, now it seems with the delightful growing years, they are finding their inner jerk and sharing it with the world, or better yet, with the girls of 5th grade.

I've been aware of this kid for a couple of years.  He is not harmless. 

You hope that the parents would catch on after hearing about their "troublesome" child over and over again in the past.  But they haven't.  I have given up hope that they will now, so it's time for me to make some noise.


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  1. You go mama!

    I don't know why some kids have to act up and/or bully so much....

    I feel bad if I even hurt someone's feelings!

    Hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday!


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