What Did You Say?

I try to let my girls, ages 13 & 10,  resolve their "issues"with each other alone. Well, kind of alone. I stand quietly by around the corner, perhaps in another room, until I feel it's reached a point where it needs to be brought back to reality and I step in.  They're still pretty kind to each other, from what I've heard in comparison, but I just don't get the need for arguments and just want it to stop. 

Sometimes it's harsh and sometimes it's funny.  (It's mostly funny.) 

Today while occupying myself with the laundry, I hear my girls do their best to annoy each other singing ridiculous commercial jingles & pop music.  This little gem was heard:

10 yr old.  "How could you not know I didn't like Justin Bieber???  I tell you that All.The.Time!"

13 yr. old. "How am I supposed to know? I don't pay attention. I'm not tele-pathetic!"

I ducked around the corner to see the look on my girls face. I could tell she was certain this was the correct pronunciation.  I decided to let it pass.  There is some truth in that expression after all, when your 13.

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  1. Lol! My oldest just told me she'd rather have me come pick her up from a co-Ed party with zit cream on my face than dad! Teens make no sense!


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