Thank You Young Man

I want to thank the young man who took me at my word that my daughter really did put $10 into the token machine yet didn't receive her token card thus creating a panic.  Thank you.

I want to thank the same young man who, 20 minutes later, explained to me how the ticket system worked and that my daughter has received her points, even though she thought the machine was broken and lost her points thus creating a panic and public meltdown.  Thank you.

And again, I want to thank the same young man who, 25 minutes later, tracked down my daughters lost point card in the computer system after we had retraced her steps, and looked in the garbage bin she had used to accidently throw away her $5.00 bowl (a whopping whole scoop!) of ice cream because she thought it was a table top, thus creating a panic and public meltdown.  Thank you.

I'm sure he was happy to see us leave.

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  6. Ha! Best birth control ever for those young men!

  7. It is so refreshing to see humanity in people, isn't it?


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