Charlie Sheen's Cats Are Very Intense

So this is where Charlie Sheen gets his quotes!

Sometimes I think I can read my cats thoughts, but with mine it's all about treats.  These cats are deep!

I wish my cats were as wise.

Charlie, you're one lucky guy.  I wonder what your dog is up to?

(*from:  "Cats Quote Charlie Sheen" )

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  1. So funny! What a whack job that guy is.... And such cool pictures of your cats! Just stopping by to say hi, I keep saying I'm going to get better at blogging again, but then stuff happens. But I did finally post something this week, so stop by & say hi if you get a chance! I hope your scentsy business is doing well, I'm keeping busy with the scrapbook store & trying to gather up some Willow House orders over here. And also hoping that the sun comes out in Portland again someday.... Happy Friday! :)

  2. I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award and am nominating you as well cuz, well, whether you like it or not, I thought you were award-worthy! If you have already received this award and you don’t want another one or awards aren’t your “thing,” I completely understand. Just know that you are loved by me and no need to do anything more about it! If awards are your thing and you would like your award, come check it out on my site at http://non-trad-diaries.blogspot.com. I hope you have a great day!!!

  3. Cute Blog! I’m a new follower Happy Sunday!! I would love for you to stop and take a look at my blog as well! Thanks!

  4. They're so cool! The best cat picture for me was the first one. I like the way he jump, They're so cute and funny. Thanks for sharing.


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