Who Put Me In Charge?

I can't believe I'm in charge.

There are some mornings, especially on school holiday's, that a feeling comes over me when my husband leaves for work.  I'm a grown woman, I'm married, have 2 children and a mortgage and yet, once Rob leaves and it's me and the girls I have a tiny feeling of panic and think 'Oh my gosh.  I'm in charge.'

Now it's not that when Rob is here we bow down and answer to his every whim and I relinquish my responsibilities.  What I mean is, I'm the "Cruise Director" if you will.  I'm the one to set the schedule, make the appointments, take care of all the emergencies that arise, cook and clean - you know, be a Grown-Up.  And I'm fine with that.  It's just that some mornings I get a panic attack and take an audible *gulp*.  

I think I need a "play-date" at a spa :->


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  1. I hear ya sister...tomorrow our break begins. *gulp* Three boys, Christmas jitters, not enough snow for sledding...

    Have a lovely holiday babe!

  2. A play date at a spa sounds perfect!

  3. Too bad we are on separate coasts.. Joanie and I could join you at the spa. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that I AM the ONLY one in charge here.... 1/2 day of school tomorrow and then our break starts -

  4. Yes! I'll meet you for mani-pedis and massages! Just tell me when and where!
    PS- I feel this way about Benjamin ALL. THE. TIME. Like, wait, someone put me in charge of taking care of this helpless little thing, like, 24/7? Really?!?

  5. Singing to the choir sister, singing to the choir.
    Just think - Christmas break starting Friday. A whole 10 days with everyone home (Mr took vacation for the week also).
    Can I get a moment of slience.
    Hold me.

  6. Whoever it is putting all us moms in charge needs to be fired. Or at least reveal their identity so I can quit. But then again....best job I'll never get paid for I guess.

    Merry Christmas Ann, hope it's a good one!

  7. The other morning, I pouted when my husband left for work and he laughed and said, "Life is too big for you, huh?" =)

  8. my problem is dinner. when hubby is working late and it's just me and 2 little people i say to myself "ice cream & popcorn? why not?!" hen we stay up too late watching cartoons. :)


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