You Can Run But You Can't Hide

I can't outsmart the ol' noggin.

Dealing with my dad's wife's passing has been really stressful.  I thought I was pretty tough but last night my body starting feeling achy and now I'm exhausted.  My mind reels.


Wouldn't a get-away to a sunny, quiet, location be delightful?  Oh yes, yes it would.  And a massage!  Yeah baby, that sounds great.

Instead I'll settle for listening to Bob Marley, drinking margarita's and watching my computer's beach screen saver.  You take what you can get.

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  1. Oh yeah... I can picture the massage table right on the beach, the lulling sound of the ocean waves, a cute shirtless massuer and a yummy pina colada right on hand in case we get thirsty. Sigh...
    PS- Sorry for your loss.


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