Found On The Sidewalk Friday - Size Matters

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Here's something that Rob found while driving home from work.  It's not exactly ON the sidewalk, it's beside it (a little leeway once in a while is alright ;-> ).  Have you seen this ad in your neighborhood?

Needless to say, Rob was a little late getting home that day.

So, what about you?  Have you found anything interesting, unusual, or symbolic while on your walks?  Do share!

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  1. Thanks for linking up on Following Friday! I hope you are meeting some great new bloggers and following them! Have a great weekend!

    ~ Busy Buzzer
    Buzzing the Day Away

  2. Good grief....Lol, somehow I don't see an ad like that gettin the okay around my town.

    found your link at LOL ... following you now. Come by when you get a chance. http://closertolucy.blogspot.com


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