Talking To Strangers

My children don't have a Facebook account. They don't have a cell phone. 

This doesn't make my 12 yr. old happy.

She was pleasantly surprised recently when we allowed her to create a site dedicated to a book series that she loves. (WarriorCatFanArt.webs.com)  I'm all for it.  She plans on sharing her artwork and asks others to contribute their creations.  I watch what she posts and what is posted to her.  If I feel she's giving too much information I tell her 'that part needs to be changed'.  This direction confuses her because she knows I have blogs and share and communicate with "strangers", so why can't she?

Some how the saying "because I'm an adult, that's why" doesn't seem appropriate.  I can argue that I understand what information is OK to share with someone I've never met face-to-face but, do any of us really know if our seemingly innocent sharing of day-to-day life isn't being read by someone with ill intentions? 
No, no we don't .

I have been the receiver of mean comments on my blog before and it's really thrown me.  These comments were left by the infamous "Anonymous".  It took me a while to shake it off and realize that the words that this "person" chose to hurl my way should be given as much merit as they have given themselves - breaking their moniker down:  A non - a non person.  Brush it off, let it go.

But it isn't easy.

Words that are directed at you have such force, it's incredible.  Good words, bad words.  It's powerful stuff. 

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  1. That's why I don't let "Anonymous" post comments on my blog. I get my feelings hurt to easily. Even by strangers!

  2. Hi there Miss Ann! I'm back! And I love your post. I'm not looking forward to the requests for a phone & Facebook page. But I love your answer to these! I'll go check out your daughter's blog and share it with my 9 yr old.

    I love your new blog look! Of course it may not be "new" but I've been out of touch for a while. I look forward to chatting with you often and hope that you're enjoying our nice weather and the kids being back at school!

  3. I tend to be very thin skinned. I haven't received many mean comments on my blog (yet), I don't look forward to it, because I take everything so personally.

  4. I've been lucky not to have an mean comments on my blog... yet. Could happen though.

  5. I love the cowards who are too chicken to post their name to nasty words they say! Those are the people I can brush off easiest. However, I found out in my class this week that a fellow student in my class telling me he didn't like me because I reminded him of his mother stung a bit.

    I was worried about my kids getting FB accounts too so I completely understand!!!

  6. i have learned over the years to just smirk and say 'and THAT, my friend (or foe), is YOUR problem' *face hand*


    actually, the bad vibe that some people choose to give you is good for self-reflection too. but in the end, i know i have to let it go and not have it affect me so much

  7. Wonder why people would leave a mean comment. What's the point? Guess some people haven't learned 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'. While I'm here , love your blog!

  8. Remember, people who do things with ill intentions are like Garbage Trucks. They need to dump their garbage somewhere....

    They happened to dump it on you....


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