Not Feelin' It

I feel so out of it with school starting this year.  I've volunteered heavily in the past but I need to focus on other things right now so I haven't signed up for much - I mean I will sign up for things, I just haven't yet.

But I feel like the other parents are shunning me for lack of participation.  I feel like they all had raging parties, fun sleep-overs, or weekend trips together over the summer and I was left out.  Not that any of those things happened when I was heavily involved, it's just that during low self esteem moments I let my imagination run wild.

I started this year happy to see the mom's that I've spent at least 5 yrs. trudging through the "chaperon - room mom - raffle ticket - book fair" life with.  I was ready to pick up where we left off, running into each others arms with a 'Yeah! School has started!' or a '*sniff* my little baby's growing up'.  But instead the vibe is very cold.  I'm smiling, going for the hug however the hug doesn't seem available. 

I don't understand.

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  1. I know how you feel, sometimes I feel like it's high-school with the popular girl shunning me all over again. Sniff!
    I'm sending you a long-distance hug. Can you feel it? :)

  2. Been there, felt that...

    Just try not to take it all too seriously. You're just off to a slow start. Book fairs, Halloween parties, Christmas parties and fundraisers will lure you back into the mix before you know it. And you'll be wishing they'd just leave you alone!

  3. Well that is kinda weird isnt it?

    I dont really make any friends. (on purpose) So Im probably one of the moms the others think is stuck up.. =) Oh well. I dont want them to ask me to watch their bratty kids after school, or to make 100 paper hats, or some other random thing. So I grab my kids and dash! At least you want to plan and do stuff! =)

  4. I have always been the inactive parent. As I posted in my comments for my "Misconceptions" entry, I don't attend many functions. I don't turn in physical forms until I get threatened. I make a big effort to NOT volunteer. It isn't because I don't care. It is because with "those people," the more I do, the more I am reminded that they do more than me. Sure, I have done some stuff. I was a medic for the brownie troop fieldtrips and medic for the football team. That meant going to every fieldtrip and every game regardless of what my previous plans were. I chaperoned 2 fieldtrips in the 11 years our children have been in the school system. I won't do it again because those kids were a huge pain in my ass! I started to feel resentment towards other children, the football coaches and the brownie troop leaders. I hear the moms at the school all the time about how they love planning the teacher appreciation lunches, the 5th grade breakfasts, the decorate the school night, the book fairs, the icecream socials, blah blah blah. My feeling is this. Good. If you like it, do it and if you are going to look down on me and disregard me because I don't have that much time and patience, then I have other things I would rather be doing.

    My point to all of this? Do what you want, when you want. But when it becomes a negative experience for you then walk away. You can take your kids on trips to the zoo on weekends. You can have icecream socials with them at home. You can enjoy your children every bit as much as they can (if not more) if you are not guilted into doing more and not outcasted when you can't do more.

  5. Okay here's the deal. You never know what's going on behind other people's closed doors. Everyone is busy, everyone loves their kids and everyone needs a break now and again. Period.

  6. Hugs! I don't understand either. We can't all do it all the time, they should understand that.

  7. I didn't sign up for anything this year as a "yearly" thing. I'm just going do apple picking cause it's my last chance.


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