Found on the Sidewalk Fridays

Today begins my new Friday series "Found on the Sidewalk Fridays".  (I'm moving our blog-hopping party, The original Virtual Girls Night Out, to Saturdays.)

Since our car trouble during our vacation, (of which I still haven't written about... the whole situation has been a turning point for me, that's for sure) we now have one car so... I've been walking more.  Walking is a good, for one thing, you never know what you're going to find on the sidewalk.  Thus begins my new series Found on the Sidewalk Fridays.

On my way to the grocery store I found this list on the sidewalk:

Let's see, we have: milk, eggs, hot dogs + buns, grapes, miracle whip, Hersheys.  Sounds good so far!   Then... Rat Bait, perferrably Tom Cat brand.


If invited over for a barbeque today, I believe I'll decline.

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  1. I'm more curious as to what type of Hershey's! Chocolate bars? Syrup? Ice cream? WHICH ONE IS IT!!?!?!? LOL!
    Fun little feature! I'll miss my friday night GNOs but I'll try to make it on Saturdays! :)

  2. Great idea for a friday meme. Thanks for changing your vgno to saturday and not giving up on us! Love the shopping list! As soon as I get a camera, I'll be taking it along on my walks too. Have a great weekend, and I'll be back tomorrow:)

  3. Just had to stop by & say HI! Of course I was finally going to get back into the swing of blogging, just posted my 1st post since May and thought I'd hang out for VGNO and see you're moving it! I think it's a great idea!

    I just haven't been able to get into blogging since April....I think one day I just decided I couldn't do everything and since I'm not getting paid for my blog, I didn't feel like working my virtual a** off trying to get followers and comments.

    But I think I'm getting back into the right mind! I'm just not going to stress or put myself on a schedule.

    I hope your summer is going well! Can't wait to hear about the car trouble....I've had some "fun" issue myself this summer, starting with getting my 1st ticket from a photo radar van on the way to story time at the library, I guess I should have walked the 4 miles instead, would be $200 richer and maybe even skinnier too!

    We'll have to "chat" soon! See you for Saturday VGNO!!!!

  4. Hi Ann.
    I was wondering if you are still doing the VGNO. Glad to see you are.
    I'm stopping by from Friday-Follow to thank you for participating.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. LOL Yeah, that doesn't really fit in with the rest. What are they up to? Hmmm...

  6. LOL. I would pass on a BBQ invite too!

    I'm now Following your blog via Follow Friday 40 and Over!

    ~ Jill

  7. Hilarious - excellent topic!! My kids are constantly finding things on the sidewalk - often things I don't wish to explain to them...!

  8. Rat bait? First, I've never bought rat bait before, but I definitely don't think I want that near Hersheys or grapes!

  9. There's a dead, dried up mouse on the sidewalk in front of my house. My daughter said it looked pathetic - lol.

  10. Found you on Friday Follow. I'm your newest follower on your super awesome blog!



  11. I'm supposed to be going to a bbq tomorrow lol. Hope their shopping list looked NOTHING like this one!
    I'm your newest follower from friday follow...nice to "meet" you.


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  13. Hi! I'm visiting and following you from the Over 40 Friday Follow. That sounds like one crazy BBQ! Rat bait!

  14. The most interesting thing I found on the sidewalk this week was a dollar bil right next to a tiny bag of marijuana(I work in a tough neighborhood)! I took the dollar but tossed the dope in the garbage (so no kids could find it and pick it up).

  15. We to are down to one car right now. Mine flooded while it was in the airport parking lot. Sadly, I can''t walk to the store so it really stinks :(

  16. How very very interesting. I wonder if the cat is the rat bait? cause it's not catching the rats?


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