Ode To A Swimsuit

Last year I bought a swimsuit that I thought looked great. I was so excited to have finally found a suit that covers my mommy-bulge and showed a little cleavage, ya' know, a little sexiness thrown in while I try to suck it in. My husband was going to take one look at me in this suit and say "Victoria's Secret model's have nothing on you Honey."

Boy was I delusional.

It didn't really hit me until I saw pictures of myself from our vacation. There we were, a family playing in a pool and I noticed that my swimsuit didn't look as great as I thought it did. If I was going for a Victoria's Secret model look this suit was in their AARP section. I looked like I was wearing my grandmother's swimsuit!

How could I have talked myself into thinking that this suit looked good on me?!? I had to put it on again to figure this out, and that's when I understood. It wasn't that it helped my body look better; it just fit my butt, and that made me happy.

Lesson to self: Just because it fits your derriere doesn't make it right to wear.

I had to laugh at myself. It really was a ridiculous swimsuit. The search continues. Ah, swimsuit season... you bastard.

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  1. I hate that....not just about bathing suits...just clothes in general. So sorry you had one of those moments!! That stinks! {Hugs}

  2. I firmly believe many fitting rooms have trick mirrors. I have to see it on myself at work to see if it looks good.

    So, I bet you can guess how my swimsuit looks then, huh?

  3. You DO know we all want to see a picture now so that we can tell you that you are being too hard on yourself!

    Try Land's End! I just got a really great suit there that I think looks good on me. I haven't seen any pictures of myself in it yet though... ask me in a couple of weeks after WE get back from vacation.

  4. If I can get through this summer without having to wear one I will be happy! after breastfeeding 3 boys, I have nothing to fill one out!

  5. Swimsuits. bleh. The last couple of years I've resorted to the sporty looking shorts / tank combos out there. This year however I will have to see if Spanx makes swimsuits or go for the paste white in the shade with clothing look. Ugh.

  6. ACK!!!... the idea of putting on a swimsuit this year is giving me an anxiety attack! How is that baby weight ends up on your ass? Last I checked, you carry the baby in your uterus! So unfair.


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