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The first thing I heard this morning was my daughter whispering in my ear "Mom, the toilet's clogged".

Good morning to you too Honey!

The day has GOT to get better. Let's get to the party and blog hop at the Virtual Girls Night Out!

* The VGNO is for those who need to break away from the demands of our families, if only for a little bit. The VGNO started partying in 2008. To play just check out this post then add your blog name & link to Simply Linked below. Click on blog links that have joined our party - it's a blog-hop! Happy VGNO! *

Time For A Cocktail!

Healthy Mama

1 Part Vodka
1 ½ Parts Watermelon HINT
1 Watermelon Slice
Blend it nicely and enjoy.

OR... Make a big batch and pour it into a watermelon. What ever floats your boat!

Time For Some Tunes!

Stephanie Schneiderman "Touchdown"

*Local girl does good. Enjoy*

Check her out: Stephanie Schneiderman

Time For A Freebie!

Thanks to our wonderful blog pal Tasha at "Catch The Drift" with Mama Snow we are in the know about this freebie. Free 10 page 5x7 Photo FlipBook at Snapfish.com (Shipping up to $2.11). Code: ALLYOUMOM. Expires: 5/23/10

* This offer is only good for the first 10,000 people so hurry!

Time For A Giveaway!

The Episencial giveaway is up for one more week. Only 1 entry so far!!!

Recently I was able to try, or better yet my daughter tried, a wonderful skin product that's all natural with lots of organics and fruit extracts. It's perfect for her sensitive skin and actually gets her into the tub. (It's a miracle.) If you would like a chance to win please visit my review site Ann Again... and again Reviews.

*OK, I'm starting to feel better already. Time to visit my blog friends at this VGNO. Add your blog link with Simply Linked and have fun hopping around. And... if you don't have time to blog-hop tonight, that's cool. Add your link anyway & I bet you'll be able to visit friends tomorrow... or the next day... or the next day. Happy VGNO! *


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  1. I have a nasty cold so I could use a little pick-me-up! :)
    Happy Friday and Happy GNO!

  2. Sorry about the toilet! Hope that was an easy fix, but no way to be greeted first thing in the morning! I get all the good jobs in our house so unblocking toilets is now something I am expert at, with a toddler who likes throwing reams of toilet paper down ours!

    Have a great weekend and Happy VGNO as always!

  3. I haven't had a chance to stop by lately... life has been crazy!
    How has everyone been?

  4. hi im new following you form Mommy blogger Directory. love your blog and really interested in joining the VGNO

  5. Been MIA a lot lately so I thought I'd come in a say Hi. I'm really good with a plunger so I can help. We have a phantom in our house that likes to put half a roll of TP in the toilet on a regular basis. I wonder if I can count plunging as my workout for the day?

  6. Darling Ann...poetry contest on another blog...you were my inspiration!

    The Lilac Garden

    Blossoms draped like Christmas garland
    Pregnant with scent in the night
    Swollen, their bouquet drips
    Clusters of decadence in shades of violet…
    They call me, singing
    To lay beneath the boughs
    Drowning in an ocean of perfume

    Silver dew slides down my skin
    A lover’s touch…
    Sweet spring.

  7. Ugh. There's nothing worse than a clogged toliet. Well, except for the plunger being in another area in the house and water overflowing freely without a care in the world. Ewww.


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