T.T. - Lilac Part 3 & Vlog

It's the 3rd week of the "Tracking Tuesday - Lilac" project and the growth on this stem is taking too long for me. I want some buds! Time to move to another part of this Lilac bush.

These little blossoms will be delightful to follow. Can't wait to see (and smell them) next Tuesday.

*Let's see how Rob's Greenhouse is doing...

Follow the lovely growth as I track the spring time blossoms every Tuesday. It all began here.

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  1. I can finally feel it, spring is in the air! 80F today and sunny, I thought the warm weather would never arrive. Hope you are having a wonderful week - what happened in the end with your daughter at school?

  2. So beautiful! I can't wait to see some blooms!

  3. I spent 4 hours with a pick-ax and shovel today removing small trees and hellish hastas from this mess of a front yard....now there is a stone edging, three nice baby shrubs...no flowers. *sigh*

    Next year.

    Advil and wine please.


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