Her Latest Trick

My morning routine is brightened by my 9 yr. old Lily. Though her older sister stays in bed as long as possible because, in her words, "there's nothing exciting to get up for", my little Lily gets out of bed without any prompting. (Or begging or bribery).

We have a heat vent tucked in-between a tall shelf and a 3-tier bookcase. This is her primo spot in the morning. I can't blame her. The house I grew up in had a heat vent in the floor and I would stand over it with my long nightgown. My own little heat tent.

What gets me laughing in the morning is Lily's latest move. When I pass by the tucked away heat vent Lily will go from sitting cross-legged to rising to her knees, facing the book case, and staying still until I leave the room. She thinks I can't see her. She's 9 yrs. old and still thinks that if she can't see me, I can't see her. Well peek-a-boo baby! I see you!

Love it. Love her. It's a great way to start the day.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog from FFF and MBC! I'm returning the favor!

  2. I love the house I grew up in, we had vents in the floor. One of my favorite spots was the vent in the bathroom floor. I remember opening my XMAS stocking there several years, early before anyone else was awake!

  3. Oh.. that's the cutest story ever.

    I totally visualized her sitting there, thinking you can't see her.
    Too cute.

    The comment about you and the nightgown made me smile. I used to the same thing!!! About six months ago it happened by accident while I was trying to hang a picture... brought back memories for sure.

    Great post!!!

  4. OMG, we had a heater vent between the living room and dining room in my grandmother's house and I would stand over it all the time in my nightgown. That brought back some fun memories. Then I'd hurry up and sit down and be nice and warm LOL.

  5. Haha that is quite a cute thing to do. think I remember doing something else when my mom would come in my room.

  6. Love it!! I remember when my kids would hide behind out skinny trees and think we couldn't see them.


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