Virtual Girls Night Out - Happy New Year!

We're playing at the VGNO a night early because this is New Year's Eve and we must celebrate as much as possible! I'm doing things quick tonight so we can fit all of our New Year's blog-hopping in.

*New to the Friday night blog-hopping party? This is what you do: Check out this VGNO post then sign the Simply Linked guest book below with your name/blog link. Visit fellow bloggers that have signed in by clicking their blog link. Leave some comment love with a message of "Happy VGNO!" Go blog-hopping!*

Check out this incredible mash-up of pop songs from 2009.

"United State of Pop 2009"

Dear blog friends, you are the best! Thanks for hanging out with me and my stories in 2009. It's a big party weekend so I'm making this post shorter than most so I can blog-hop all weekend long.

Now go blog-hop and share the VGNO comment luv. Let's send 2009 out with a big blog bang. Share our Virtual Girls Night Out with your readers and have them come here and link up. The more the merrier! Happy New Year friends!!!


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  1. Happy New Year Ann to you and your family! It has been so fun this week spending my Friday evenings at your parties!

    I wish you all the best in the coming year!

    Let the party begin!

    Happy New Year VGNO

  2. it'll be just me and my dog here... so pop on over!

    maybe we'll get back into regularly visiting VGNO in the new year!

  3. PS I love the video. I didn't take time to listen to it before!!!!

  4. Hi Ann! Was surprised (and happy!) to see VGNO going on tonight...

    Hope you are enjoying your New Year's Eve! Happy New Year!

  5. Happy New Year! I've been missing VGNO!

  6. Happy New Year!!!
    Sorry hubs is down for the count... I still can't quite believe that mine is here! I always lose him to my stepson!

  7. Happy New Year, miss you tonight but I like this idea of a night early


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